Unit Operations Laboratory II

ChEN 4905 - Section 002 – Spring 2014

T, Th 12:55 -01:45 PM Room:  WEB L 122

M, Th 2-5:00 PM Room:  3520 MEB Lab phone 585-5785



                                      2290 MEB, 585-5705

                                      Email:  ring@chemeng.utah.edu

                                      Office Hrs: T,Th 1-5 PM or by appointment



STAFF:                       BOB COX                                                                               

                                      3520B MEB, 581-7846

                                      Email:  rec6@utah.edu



C.L.E.A.R. STAFF:            Amy Bingham, Writing                Stacey Overholt, Communications

amylin.peterson@utah.edu      stacey.overholt@utah.edu

WEB 1706                                                      WEB 1706


TA:  Nathan Yonkee


Course Webpage: http://www.che.utah.edu/~ring/



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