My Home Page: Terry A. Ring
Professor of Chemical Engineering
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
My Background
I was born in a small town in Upstate New York that still has less than 50 homes, studied at several universities in the USA and in England and became an educator that has taught and done research in the USA, China, Japan and Europe. My teaching covers a range from Colloidal Chemistry and Chemical Engineering to Materials Science and Engineering with an emphasis on fundamentals and process modeling.
In 1988, I founded the Powder Technology Laboratory at EPFL
CH EN 2800 Fundamentals of Process Engineering

CH EN 3603 Mass Transfer (Distillation/Aspen Lecture)

CH EN 3853 ChE Thermodynamics (Silcox – Process Simulators)

CH EN 3853 ChE Thermodynamics(Chip Processing Case Studies)

CH EN 3853 ChE Thermodynamics(Oblad –Aspen Case Studies)

CH EN 5503 Instrumental Analysis

CHEN 4903 Unit Ops Lab I

CHEN 4905 Unit Ops Lab II

CH EN 4253 Design I

CH EN 5253 Design II

CH EN 5655 Silicon Chip Processing

CH EN 6553 Chemical Reactions Engineering

CH EN 6960 Particulate Processing Seminar

MSE 5061 Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing

NUCL 6230

Statistical Designed Experiments
Research Activities
My research areas are Powder Technology and Ceramic Powder Processing.
Research Statement

Crystallization Modeling & Validation Web Page
Publications list
Author of New Book "Fundamentals of Ceramic Powder Processing and Synthesis"
Recent Power Point Presentations
Recent Papers

FE Exam Review on Design

Undergraduate Research Opportunities for Chemical Engineering Students During the Summer of 2007

High School Presentations

Advocacy for Science Funding

Graduate Students

Byung Sang Choi

Bin Wan

Susan Philyaw

Joe Crandal
Personal Records
Links to My Department, College and Universities
Chemical Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
College of Engineering
University of Utah
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne(EPFL)

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